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TurboTax Premier 2011Would you like to know more about TurboTax Premier? TurboTax offers several different versions of their award winning tax software. So, how do you know which tax edition is right for you? You can get details about the Premier edition by visiting our TurboTax Premier page.

Do you own rental property? Did you sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or an employee stock plan? Are you the beneficiary of an estate or trust? TurboTax Premier will be perfect for you if you answered yes to these questions.

Do you see how simple this is? TurboTax will guide you right into the perfect tax return for you by asking questions in a simple interview style. Now how easy is that? We’re all looking for the easy button and it’s right here!

Now there are some life situations where another TurboTax edition would be better suited for you and you simply ask yourself a few questions to get pointed into the right direction. If you start out with a version of TurboTax and the tax software realizes another version would benefit you even more you will be prompted to make the switch. Don’t worry, all of your information will be transported right over for you. Now there’s a real time saver! Please visit the TurboTax Premier page to discover all of the benefits waiting for you!

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