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TurboTax Basic 2011TurboTax Basic is the perfect tax software edition for simple income tax returns. TurboTax Basic is the right choice if you’re looking for special guidance as a first time user or if you would enjoy the benefits of step by step guidance as you prepare and file your income tax return.

Please visit the TurboTax Basic page to learn more about the advantages of using the TurboTax Basic edition tax software. If you don’t own a home or have child care expenses you are most likely the perfect candidate for the Basic edition of TurboTax.

If you’re not sure which edition of TurboTax you should use you have absolutely nothing to worry about because TurboTax will notify you if another edition would offer you more benefits. Any information you have already entered will be moved right over for you and will save you the time and hassle of having to re-enter your tax information.

TurboTax has thought of everything. The tax software developers at Intuit TurboTax have your precious time in mind and they don’t want to waste one minute of your time. Time savers are part of the tax software and you will be delighted with the simplicity and time saving techniques incorporated into the tax software. Go visit the TurboTax Basic page to learn more!

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