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TurboTax 2016 online
A Big Refund is Waiting for You

For those of you who have been loyal users, you know how easy your tax forms, calculations and filing can be when
you file online with TurboTax 2016.

For those of you new to TurboTax or have been aware of them but never used them, here is some valuable information for you to think about:


TurboTax really does do all the hard work to maximize your deductions, get you the biggest refund and in the most simplistic way possible!

As you work through the system, submitting your information, you will notice deduction opportunities. The system will show you what deductions you qualify for and various opportunities you may have to increase your tax refund amount.

TurboTax takes their job seriously to make sure you save as much money on taxes as you possibly can.  They are aware that you goal is to save money from the moment you come on board.  Adding to that, TurboTax does a great deal more than just help you save money!

TurboTax Does Difficult Work, Not You:

Whether you are working with forms 1040A or 1040EZ, TurboTax will always ask you  the simplest questions in easy, conversational English and then place the correct answers in correct places on the forms for you.

Their auto-fill will save you tons of time and energy.  They will automatically fill in all the data regarding employers, financial institutions and other valuable information.  After everything has been filled in, a brief summary will let you know everything is in its proper place!

Adding to all of this, you will have the ability to transfer all of last year’s tax information, making it easy to provide accuracy and important information only once without stressing about it being left out somewhere else.

If things haven’t been easy enough, TurboTax’s Smart Check will scan everything for mistakes and guaranteed accuracy in the calculations.  Should something pop up that is wrong, they will pay your IRS Penalty along with any interest on the mistake!  When they say they will stand by you — they mean it!

The Smart Choice:

Using TurboTax is, without doubt, the smartest move you are ever going to make when it comes to your tax returns.  With 24/7 customer service,  you may address all your concerns and questions.

So, go ahead and Try TurboTax online for Free and see if it’s right for you!


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